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A brief guide to the different types of football bet

A brief guide to the different types of football bet

Football or soccer is undoubtedly the most popular sport globally, so there is no surprise that betting on the sport is big business. Football throws up so many possibilities that it is a bookmaker and a gambler’s dream with betting available on almost every aspect of the match. It can increase spectators’ interest and is often regarded as one of the most social forms of gambling.While many bets are easy to understand, some are far more complex and are often overlooked by casuals, but they may be missing out on an opportunity to make some money!

Here is a quick guide to the different types of football bet.

The result after 90 minutes

Predicting who will win a game of football over 90 minutes is one of the most popular types of bet, but often teams are “odds on” meaning that odds of 1/10 are standard. It means that you need to place a bet of £10 to get £1 profit. This would be typical of an FA Cup tie where perhaps Manchester City was playing Chesterfield. Backing Chesterfield to win may attract more enticing odds of maybe 8/1, meaning that you could stand to make £8 profit from a £1 bet. Of course, backing the draw is also possible.

A “Double Chance”

If we stick with the same example of Manchester City against Chesterfield, and you were ultra-cautious, you could back Manchester City to win or the draw. The odds would be massively reduced, but making some profit, although minimal, would be increased.

Asian Handicap

In a similar manner to the handicap system at golf, it is possible to bring this into football betting. Referring back to the same example, it is possible to offer odds on Manchester City to win at -2.0 goals. Draws are a null and void bet in a handicap so a 2-0 win for Manchester City would return your stake, but 3-0 victory would result in a win. A 2-1 victory for Manchester City would mean a loss as Chesterfield would

In this type of bet, you are effectively giving one team, usually the underdog, a head start.

have overcome the handicap and effectively won 1-0.

Correct Score

Another popular bet is to predict the score. In our example, most punters would be confident of a Manchester City win, but predicting the correct result will pay higher odds. For example, predicting a 4-1 victory for Manchester City may pay odds of 15/1. Rather than merely predicting that Manchester City will win, you are predicting the scoreline that they will win by. Of course, this is far harder to predict, but it is often a popular stake for social gamblers.


There are three common goalscorer markets; first, last and any time where you predict that one player will score. For example, you could place a bet on Raheem Sterling being the first goalscorer at odds of 3/1 with similar odds available for being the last scorer whereas to score at any time; those odds maybe 7/4.

Match Result and Scorer 

It is possible to place a “double” bet whereby you back Manchester City to win and Raheem Sterling to score first. It may increase your odds to 10/3 but if you were to opt for a less likely first scorer, Chesterfield’s Tom Denton but Manchester City still to win, then the odds maybe 12/1. Of course, this type of bet can be altered to the correct score and first scorer or a scorer at anytime (scorecast). It is a very flexible option, but as you are effectively placing to a bet on two outcomes, the odds increase.

Both teams to score (BTTS)

Another popular bet, when combined with another outcome, is BTTS. For instance, you could back Manchester City to win, but both teams to score, which would inevitably increase the odds. Again, this is popular with social gamblers who may want to show support to their team (in that they will score), but understand the reality, that the opposition are likely to win.

Under or Over

Under or over can be applied to any number of possibilities such as the number of goals, number of corners or number of cards. It can be a single bet, but it is combined with another outcome more often than not. For instance, Manchester City to win, more than 2.5 goals in the game, and less than 10 corners.

Half Time/Full Time

It would be possible to back Manchester City to win the first half and win the second half in our example. Alternately, you could back Chesterfield to win the first half (or to be level) at half time, but Manchester City win overall. Again, this can be combined with other outcomes to increase your odds.

Player Specials

Player specials could include the goalscorer market and include scoring a header, a goal outside the box or receiving a booking. It is a bet that can be on almost anything, including conceding the first corner or free-kick. This is something that is often a “side bet” and usually has relatively high odds.

#Yourodds Bets

These are bespoke bets and can be on literally anything, usually up to eight possibilities. For example, Raheem Sterling to score first, more than 2.5 goals, BTTS, Chesterfield more cards and Manchester City more corners.

The Accumulator

The accumulator is a football fans dream. They offer the opportunity to predict the result of usually five or more games. Usually, small stakes are placed on this type of bet although the odds can be astronomical if betting on 20 or more games. Most bookmakers offer “insurance” if one result doesn’t match your prediction or enhanced odds to encourage you to place the bet.

The Take-Away

When it comes to betting on football, you can put money on almost any outcome. It can be combined with other possibilities or placed alone. Many online bookmakers allow you to play “in play” bets, meaning you can back the next goalscorer, card or corner.

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